Christmas around the PIM

Christmas around the PIM

From our Canon, Rev. Virginia (Gina) Frnka:

“Christmas around the PIM is in full swing……🎢
Christmas in Goliad on Saturday
…sold 30 embroidered pieces so 30 women in Uganda will receive the fruits of their creativity and effort….Goliad members with help from St Matthews🎁

The Annual Christmas Coffee in Hallettsville served many people with homemade sandwiches, soups and unbelievable sweets in a festive mood of fellowship…they worked so hard and earned $1400!!!πŸŽ‰

Tomorrow, Grace church will host the Christmas party for Bluebonnet Youth Ranch with gifts and pizza for all🎊

Next Thursday, St Matthews will be a stop on the homes tour in Kenedy with a display of decorations and 100 nativity scenes in the new activities building (name to be announced).”