Thank you Trinity, Edna for a GREAT 5th Sunday.  Thank you Fr. Gary for your images.


In these tough times, we still need to stop and count our blessings.  St. James recently received a monetary gift and shares the blessing.  Thanx, Carol Morton!

Grace, Port Lavaca, hosted the Bluebonnet Ranch Christmas Party.  Many thanx, Debbie Wittnebert!


St. James, Hallettesville, donated to the St. Nicholas project.  Thanx, Carol Morton!


St. Stephen’s, Goliad, has a new sign.  Thanx for putting it up John Yochem!


Many of you know Carol Morton, St. James, Hallettsville recently lost her son, Bryan.  His service was done by Rev. Bonnie Reeves.  The Church was “full to overflowing.  The “rememberances of Bryan were priceless.”  Carol shared pictures of the alter at St. James as well as 9 second cousins on the Faith Station ramp.  Our thoughts and prayers are with Carol and her family in this time of great loss.  God bless.



St. James, Hallettsville, is having a “Book give away” on Saturday, 10 August, 2019.  These will be children’s, youth, and young adult books.  Come!

“St James Easter 🐣 flowered cross. Had 30 folks, great after church brunch and egg hunt for 6 kids! Polishing all that brass was worth it!”  Thank you, Carol Morton!

Alter, Grace, Port Lavaca, Easter Sunday, 2019.  Thank you, Deborah Wittenbert!

St. Matthew’s family.  Happy Easter.  He is Risen!  Thank you, Beth Sartwell.

From St. James, Hallettsville this morning.  Thank you!

On 6 December, St. James, Hallettsville, help their annual Christmas Coffee.  Thanx to Carol Morton for the pictures!


On Sunday, 2 September, 2018, the grandson of Robin Canchola, son of Thomas Canchola, was Christened.  His Baptism was at the Episcopal Church of the Ascension, Refugio.


Fr. James (Jim) Abernathy has had his last service at St. Matthew’s.  Even though he will be an occasional  Supply Priest, we will miss him in the “rotation.”

The Ladies of St. James at lunch.  Thank you, Carol Morton!