He is risen!  Alleluia!  St. Matthew’s, Kenedy celebrates Easter Sunday with Fr. Scott Penrod.  As you can see, Kathleen our organist is as serious as the rest of us before the Service.  Thank you, Janet Martin for the pictures.


St. Matthew’s Shrove Tuesday.  Shrove Tuesday.  Fat Tuesday.  Mardi Gras is the day before the Lenten Season.  Use the eggs, fat, sugar, etc. before the season.  Typically here that is done via a pancake supper.  Thank you, Janet Martin, for a view of St. Matthew’s pancake supper.  Nice to be together again!


Joseph Avalos, St. Matthew’s Kenedy, recently lost his mother.  Wednesday St. Matthew’s hosted a luncheon for him.  My thanks to Janet Martin for her pictures.  Joseph and his family remain in our prayers.


St. James, Hallettsville.  Thank you, Carol Morton for the images!  4 Nov 2021


Kenedy held a fundraiser Bingo earlier in February to benefit Escondido Park.  The only winner from St. Matthew’s was Lauren Vielock.  Congrats on your new purse!