What to Expect

What to Expect

Our services utilize the Bible (New Revised Standard Version) and the Book of Common Prayer.  There will be a service bulletin, or pewsheet, printed for each service.

Episcopal Churches use a Liturgical worship, based on the Church year.  A lectionary is a table of readings from Scripture appointed to be read at public worship.

Typically, our services are about an hour long.  This can vary with the number of people receiving Communion, the Sermon, etc.

There will seem to be “pew aerobics,” as there will be standing, sitting, and kneeling.  If you can’t stand long or kneel, don’t worry.  Be comfortable.

Dress is comfortable, or if you prefer, more “dressy.”  The “PIM” Churches are the boots and jeans type.

No childcare is currently available.  Bring your children!  We love little ones.