St. James’ visit from Marthe Curry, Director of World Missions. Thanx, Carol Morton!


Holy Eucharist, St. Matthew’s 19 July 2020.  Thank you Gina!


Easter 2020.  Thank you, all, for the pictures! 


We can’t worship together this Holy Week, but we can individually.  Here are some images.  St. Stephen’s, Goliad courtesy of John Yochem and Rev. Gina.  St. Matthew’s, Kenedy, your webmaster.  Trinity, Edna, Jo Strane.


St. James Christmas Chickadees.  Thanks,  Carol Morton!


Christmas in Goliad


Advent, Grace Port Lavaca.  Thanx, Deborah Wittnebert!


5th Sunday, 29 Sept., 2019.  Thanx, Trinity!  Well done!

Thanx, Rev. Gina for these!


5th Sunday, 30 June, 2019.  Thank you, Grace Port Lavaca.  We all had a great time.

Pentecost Holy Spirit strikes at St. James.  Thanx, Carol Morton!



Easter Egg Hunt, 13 April 2019 Grace, Port Lavaca.  Thank you, Deborah Wittenbert!

Maunday Thursday, In Edna (Trinity) with Port Lavaca (Grace).  Thank you, Deborah Wittenbert!

5th Sunday, 31 March 2019, St. Stephen’s



St. Matthew’s Seniors Community breakfast, 27 March 2019.  Thanx, Rev. Gina, for the pics!


Shrove Tuesday 2019, St. Matthew’s