Senior Warden

Senior Warden

Our Senior Warden, and self-professed “cat herder,” is Jim Lee Munro.

Born into a working class family in York, Nebraska, Jim is a retired professor of political science. Starting out his adult life as an eighteen year old church planter for the Presbyterian Church, he co-founded the 101 Presbyterian Church in the Arkansas Ozarks. As a student minister he supplied churches in Jonesboro and Augusta, Arkansas. On his move to New Mexico and Texas he was the full time pastor of the First Presbyterian Church of Seagraves, Texas. Completing his Bachelor’s degree in Government at Texas Tech in Lubbock, he then moved to Lawrence, Kansas where he received his Master’s and Doctoral degrees in Political Science.

The author of several books and many articles in professional journals, Jim spent a research/teaching career working on various issues dealing with public policy and the management of large police organizations. He made a number of year-long trips to Australia as a senior lecturer in industrial sociology at the University of Adelaide, Foundation Scholar at the National Police Research Unit and as visiting professor at the South Australian Institute of Technology. More recently, he was research professor at the Central Police University of Taiwan and visiting professor of comparative government in China.

Since 2006 Jim has lived, and renewed his spiritual life, in Port Lavaca, Texas at Grace Episcopal Church. He is married to Linda and they live on Lavaca Bay , where they plan trips and plot fun things to do. Linda is the mother of Will Watson who lives in Austin, Texas and Jim is the father of Capt. Jim Munro, Jr. (ret. USCG) and Julie Shaw.

Stay tuned for his announcements and words of wisdom.  Thank you, Jim, for all the work you do.

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