Trinity Church

102 W. Church St. Edna,
(361) 782-2825

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Trinity Church

The History of Trinity Church

The earliest record of Trinity Church in Edna was in 1906. Services were held in parishioner's houses or in a temporary county building. In 1914, a church was built without financial help from the Diocese. Approximately 1956, the building was rebuilt with the financial backing of one of the parishioners. This rebuilding of Trinity was under the direction of Reverend Charlie Hill.


Our Worship Schedule

Sunday Worship:

1st, 2nd, 3rd & 4th Sundays of the Month
The Holy Eucharist * 9:00 AM
* Morning Prayer when no Priest is available.

5th Sunday of the Month (When Applicable) will be hosted by the Churches on a rotating basis.  Please, check our calendar.

Trinity Church

Vestry Officers and Staff:

Sr Warden:     
Harrison Stafford (361) 782-2204   Mail Sr.Warden
Jr. Warden:
Harlan Specht      (361) 781-0191 Mail Jr. Warden
Jeanette Stafford     (361) 782-2204   Mail Treasurer
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